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Like all of you reading the internet I have arrived at a few opinions, add that to personal experience and I don't think there are a lot of mysteries.

When I rode japanese machines they came ready to go, I never ever did a valve adjustment on anything and nothing fell off but me. They were all Hondas. I towed every other rice burner of my friends home at least once. They were kawis, yammies, and suzukis. But overall, not many breakdowns. That of course was in the 70's.

As I talk to my riding friends of all types of makes today we are much more commonly riding more exotic breeds. Harleys....well they are a handful, but they always have been. But more to the point all my friends have had setup problems these days. Its real hard unless you are there when they open the crate to know who screws up what. Maybe the exotic breeds were always this way.

I do know high tech is easy to screw up.
I do know lots and lots of people today utilize the drugs of their choice at their work.
I do know that if you follow the manufactures suggestions to the T you have less trouble.
I do know that due to the above the cost of the maintenance becomes a major factor on what product to buy and the test magazines should really go into those costs more....but of course they don't want to due to advertising.

So I learned my lesson. Go over your bike and check your bolts. I have found not one washer missing, nothing misaligned, but as you will note a while back...definitely loose bolts after a jolting bad....and corrected thanks to SockMonkey.

I do note that changing all the fluids in my NTX is a several hour affair because I didn't have funnels that manuverable and small. What do you guys use?
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