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I don't believe Yamaha still makes the Majesty. I tried both the Majesty and 400 Burg, and found the Burger to be a bit more comfortable and controllable in tight spots, due to the too wide floorboards on the Majesty. Problem was, even with their small cc engines, neither one was really an improvement over my 1500 Goldwing. I was wanting to get rid of the 'Wing because I have severe arthritis and am afraid I may drop it in a parking lot or at a stoplight sometime. But none of the maxis felt any more secure in those situations either. I never got a chance to try out any of the maxis on the open road, which I'm assuming they would be at their best. The Majesty does have a valve adjustment interval of 25,000 miles, with no check required after break in. But according to the Majesty forums, you have to pull the engine out to get to the valves, about $600 at a dealer. 25,000 miles would be about 2 years for me. I don't know about the Burg, but if that is what you want, then I would definitely go for it. Definitely a good idea to be riding what you like, if you can afford it.
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