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In my younger days as a street rider I used to carry one of the long glass coke bottles (remember those) between my legs and when someone in a cage got too close I'd wave it at them. They always got the picture and backed off. But that was then...
(in my van) I had a tire iron that I would wave violently when someone would do something stupid. This dumbass in mexico with dark skin, pulled in underneath me in a u turn as I was looking right. I didn't see him until I almost took his front end off. He came up behind honking and screaming in his little saturn. I took out my boom stick, waved it violently and he pulled out his pistol. The cops didn't arrest him, nor me, and I never asked who he was to be open carrying in MX.

Just a funny story. I still carry the tire iron. What are the chances it'll happen twice?
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I used to say "one day" a lot. But then I got scared I would wait one day too long. So I am doing it all now
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