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Originally Posted by AK Smitty View Post

Nothing but good things to say. Chris, Jill and Zach were all great and a big help with anything I needed. Most things were handled with email and they always got back to me quickly. They also installed a Givi top box for me. Not difficult but with my schedule it was nice that they said yeah no problem. (Chris threw in a free tube for my front). I am tubeless now but carry a set of tubes JIC. Thanks Chris for the tube and t-shirt. Its the little things like that and great customer service that make stoked on a place. Woody's is a great family owned biz that still cares about their customer. A dying breed for sure.

I went with the wider tire and 19" inch rim for several reasons. My reasons are in least important to most.
1. 19" may be easier to get abroad.
2. I am genetically in-seamed challenged and BMWs F800 is not custom built for me. Lowered the bike ~1"
3. Better braking
4. Better for the twisties and I love those tight corners.

I know that I have given up some dirt performance but I am ok with that. Traveling solo I am very selective about where and when I ride off road and this set up still works for me. Sand will not be my friend but then again we weren't really getting along all that well on previous rides.

So far I am very pleased with the set up and everything that Woodys did. I did have a scare that at about 75 and above in big sweepers I got severe death wobbles. Tried to blame the way I was loaded but then tried with no gear and the same deal. It was a function of a brand new front and old almost trashed rear tire. New rear tire problem solved. We suspected this but it wasn't until after the new tire was installed that I could be sure about the new set up.

Rear tire was put on at GO AZ in Scottsdale and the above death wobbles spurred some interesting conversation. I have mixed feelings on Go AZ. Not all bad but not all good. I will see if I feel like its worth elaborating in my next post.
It is actually similar to BMW dealers I have been in. Only two BMW dealers have I got the warm fuzzies. Most others I feel farm more welcome being the only gringo in a shady mexican bar than I do at BMW shops! Prolly a conversation for another thread.
I had Woody build up his 50-50 package for me, with heavy duty spokes, etc. When I started hitting those Honduran potholes, I thought that I had finally done something right with Blondy. Your choice of a Heideneau will do you well: I changed over in Cali after riding my Heideneau Scout from Vancouver Island, and I still have 3000 km left on the tire.
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