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Nov 30 More Costa Rica

Hoping to make it to DiAndrew further down the coast, supposed to be a cool place in the jungle to hang out for a few days.

Decided to go via the ferry to Puntarenas since I won’t be able to ride a boat to Colombia. Nice quiet ride to the ferry.

Since BC has the largest ferry fleet in the world (It’s even bigger than the Canadian Navy – well I guess a lot of things are), I’m used to traveling on ferries. As usual, the process down here was a bit “different”.

We are all parked in a nice line and eventually an official looking guy, lets call him Card Guy comes around and gives you a card indicating whether you are car, moto or truck. I knew what I was to begin with, but I humor him and take the card clearly marked MOTO. Thanks for the heads up Card Guy. You then walk down to the terminal and give Cashier Guy the card and he sells you the correct ticket. Then Gate Guy appears and opens the gates to let us slowly move in. Gate Guy takes one part of the ticket that allows you to move 25 feet. Then Ramp Guy at the top of the ramp punches the remaining ticket and tells you to hold up. Ramp Guy tells you when you can board. Boat Guy is on the boat and telling people where to park. He radios up to the Ramp Guy and tells him to let another car down – completely parks that car which can take a few minutes before asking for another. They eventually ponderously get everyone on and we are underway. Whew!

Here we are loading.

Not to be outdone by Card Guy, Cashier Guy, Gate Guy, Ramp Guy and Boat Guy, Captain Guy drives the boat. Now, this is not a cruise ship or a container ship but, swear to God, he took 15 minutes to park the frickin boat in it’s slip

All loaded

People are expected to have enough sense not to walk off the front of the boat . . . so we don't need no stinkin chain across there.

Needless to say, I had miscalculated how long the ferry process would be and there was no way I would make it to DiAndrew by nightfall so, decided to stop in Jacó which was a continuation of the very resorty Costa Rica coast.

First road I went down had some spectacular looking resorts – I’m sure the gates alone were worth more than my house so I moved on. Finally went down another street and stopped at the Hotel Jardin, she had a pretty decent room for $40.

The manager recommended a nice seafood restaurant about a kilometer away but it was raining pretty good and I didn't feel like getting soaked so I just went around the corner to the beach bar and ate there. Two things about this bar. When the DJ started singing Karaoke in Spanish . . . badly, I started to eat faster. Then when the drunk Costa Rican girls started singing Karaoke in Spanish . . . even worse, I was inhaling my dinner.

Ya know, I don’t get karaoke – you have to be exceptionally drunk to try to sing it (rarely can anybody actually sing) and the people who aren’t that drunk yet just want to run away. You would think Karaoke people and Bongo people would hang out together and make . . . sounds. I must admit I sang Karaoke once . . . but I was really good!

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