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Man these comments made it all worth it. I'd be lying if I said I did it without knowing it would get noticed. So thanks a lot. The next round will be around Feb. 1st in Cedartown, GA. @ Highland Park.

I had one of best suspension guys around re valve the forks just two days prior. I only bottomed once but I wasn't jumping either. I need stiffer springs but he didn't have any around....and would have someting that stiff just laying around. So, I need a stiffer spring to push harder but they did fine actually compared to it before where it would bottom. Now the truth, I'm fat.. 250 lbs. fat. I am working hard on that. Was 260 and now 245, hope to be less than 220 and continue mtn. biking. So 250 plus 10 lb. tech10's, and another 10 maybe for camel back,helmet, chest prot. etc.etc. The bike 420 with 3.5 gals. gas., 1 gallon oil, 1/2 gallon anti freeze I bet the bike is 460ish me 270ish. Either way we're over 700 lbs. WTHeck!

I mounted brand new Geomax intermediates. 120 rear. I paid to mount S-12's two days before but lost sleep thinking what the hell, that front tire is going to fold like crazy on hard pack. Swapped to the Geomax and I was calm again. I had over 20 psi when mounted but used poor judgement in dropping to 18 psi. thinking I'd get a bit more grab, Since the SE doesn't run rear rim locks stock, I completely never thought about it. It's been 4 years since I raced and you forget twisting the throttle before the bike starts on the dead engine start. Also a mistake. I got a flat on the last little log obstacle before the start/finish line and I was done after just one lap and was literally and mentally deflated. Major bummer.

The guy on the HP2 was ripping beacuse I became a spectator after one lap and witnessed it. Jeff was ripping too on his big SE also, and we mixed it up a bit but we were starting on the last row and had some 150 lb. bike to be careful around. Hopefully next time the organizer will move us up a row. The HP2 finished first. He roosted me like I've never felt before. I knew at the time it was insane roost, but didn't realize it was the HP2 till watching the footage. I mean 2mm to left and the footage would have been ruined by roost. I was going to remove the center stand for the big pipe obstacles but thought I'd just go around them instead. A fellow ADVrider was watching the bimmer navigate through the tires and said he yanked a tire out some to make room for him to clear the big motor through. Would have loved to see that and film it, too cool.

At the race with a race number. How cute I'm still in pain from pushing it up the ramp with a flat tire on pure adrenaline. I was frustrated and just wanted to get out of there, but luckily hit reverse and hung out with good peeps to watch the racers finish and talk dirt bikes making for a good day after all.
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