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I ran up sheep creek switch backs on my WR250R--------packed with camping and cooking gear---food for 4 days like it was nothing. I never even stopped--------it was a long climb as you guys remember------piece of cake for me and my WR250R------and the motor is stock------------my buddy was packed heavier than me and he had no problems either--------he probably weighs 250 lbs.--------me 200.

I ran up it a few days before you guys did.
Anyway--------peoples mileages vary on riding.

Wish I could have went on your guys group ride--------but I had another bigger ride in the books that conflicted with going on the official ride.
My buddy and his bike are in this picture---and you can see my track in front of him in the moist dirt as I went before him.

As I said before, there are a plethora of bikes that can make the trip. With a bit of help in the nasty spaces, I could have done the trip on my VStrom, but the clutch and skidplate would have been trashed.

Also, we had a Baja1000 finisher do the trip on a 950.....that few could have successfully wrestled through the tough stuff, but he was fine with his exceptional skills.

We also had a rider decide that his KRL was not going to allow him to finish the ride and he bowed out.

Its all about chosing the best tool for the job. A 250cc bike is not the best tool....neither is a 1200cc Adventure bike.

This ride is an application process......where we will evaluate your bike selection and your riding experience and skills.

By the way, The Breeze is a darn good rider and he rode that 250 just about as good as anyone I have every seen.
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