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I'd think the R12GS would be the more likely touring machine, so why set up the airhead to tour? I've toured on the RS through all sorts of weather and really don't have a problem with the lesser protection.

It's easy enough to remove the fairing, so that's what I'd suggest first. Then if you feel the need for less wind blast add a windscreen.

If you don't go with SS's suggestion of keeping the frame mounted headlight, you'll need to source some headlight ears - either stock or after market. The beauty of the aftermarket style is not needing to remove the fork tubes to install. But you will need turn signal mounts and those are held down by the stock headlight ears. And if you want an S fairing, they use the turn signal mounts on the bottom side.

You'll also want to change the brake lines to rubber all the way to the master.

I really like unfaired bikes the best. I rode across the country and back on a naked R100R and did very well. I was concerned before taking off about the lack of wind protection, but it wasn't a problem at all. Any more, my favorites are an unfaired R65LS and an R100RS when the weather is too shitty for the LS.
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