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Too much information...

There's just too much. Where does one start? 4800 page threads?

I've been lurking around for a bit now, reading up on all sorts of things. I figured I ought to get around to making a first post. So here it is. I recently bought a "thumper", or rather two of them. DR650's. The bikes started identically, in fact, their VIN's are only 8 digits apart. Mine is still completely stock, while hers has had the "seat height" lowered by the Suzuki dealer, (That was an ordeal all its own, as the dealer was unaware that it was possible, and confused by the fact that Suzuki considers a suspension rebuild as a seat height adjustment...) and the Suzuki gel seat installed. Hers is now noticeably lower.

Since both of our respective motorcycle experience consists of little and long ago, we're starting out slowly and won't be on the open road for quite some time (I'll let her field questions as to the details of how/why that is). We're mainly gathering gear and knowledge at this point, with occasional daydreams fueled by some of the posts and pictures. I look forward to continued reading, and hopefully we'll be able to add some info at some point in the future.

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