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Eh? Great info, thanks

Originally Posted by MissOrganized View Post
I'm still waiting on the final quote for Air Shipping but it won't be more than $1900, possibly a bit less. However, the shipper told me today that we managed to make our crates the most "compact" that he's seen so that will save us money. We aren't shipping our panniers on the bikes (we will carry them with us as checked baggage when we fly) and we removed the handlebars which decreased the overall volume of the crate. (see pictures in one of the other posts on this thread). You pay mostly by volume so the more compact the crate, the better. You also are responsible for providing/making the crate for shipping. This can be a big pain and stressor. Thankfully my husband knows how to do some metal work so we were able to manage it ourselves. (wood creates are not the best idea because some customs agents will turn away wood product entering their country)

Boat shipping is going to be around $1500 because there will be 7 bikes sharing a 40 ft. container. Cost completely boat shipping is likely the most economical and easiest way to get it done because you also don't need crates if you're doing RORO (Roll on Roll off). You'll just need to provide a few good straps.

Thank you so much for all the info, it will be helpful for lots of folks. Just to clarify $1900 per bike? Yikes
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