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Originally Posted by bigtrailie View Post
I think KTM640DAKAR (Todd) can relate to that video. He hooked a soft bag on a fence post while riding his Ducati 996 around a parking lot at an AMA roadracing event (Mid-Ohio? Road America? Can't remember).

It is far better to rip a soft bag or tear a strap than to hit hard stuff against hard stuff.

Anybody have any experience tearing Gobi bags off a KTM Adventure? I'm assuming that those tupperware boxes will "give" if push comes to shove. Probably better than aluminum panier boxes.
Matt, I drove past the TransDitch on the way to shooting sporting clays the pAst Thanksgiving weekend in Mansfield. It is grassy and ditch-like just as you remembered it. Did you have soft bags on that bike?

Yes hooking a softbag on a steel snowfence post will pick up the back end of the bike. luckily the bag tore away from the bike and I stayed upright. Had to use a shoe lace and an awe to sow it back together. That happened down at the Barber race trAck in Alabama.
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