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Originally Posted by Mendodave View Post
When I was in high school in Nevada City the geology teacher took us to the Hwy 49 crossing of the Yuba at full flood, like that. This was the olden days, when that old bridge was active. We parked in the middle, he had us get out in the pouring rain, and said "just listen".

You could feel, and hear, the boulders pounding their way down the river. He said "that's where the sand on our favorite beaches comes from"

I was very impressed.

get out of your car and listen next time you go there at full flood.

Boom! RumbleBOOM!

raining again here in Mendo, I am up over 6" for the whole storm, a week ago tomorrow it started. We are supposed to get another couple inches tonight.

damn glad I don't live in Petrolia!

Hey, I think I had the same geology teacher, He took us out and did the same thing, Sierra College NC, circa 1988 i think
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