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Dear All,

I'm not sure whether it is policy to introduce yourself before posting therefore I will. I'm Dickyb who moved to Turkey from rainy England ( a.k.a USS Great Britain ) four years ago to escape Tony Blair, the English climate and to cash in on our modest property which had crazily quadrupled in value over the space of four years.

I used to be employed by the government and went to work dressed up as a bush (soldier). After ten years I got
Peimar led pruned and changed into civilian clothes. I've been a lurker on this site for a while and I've now joined and am posting. Thanks to you all for a great site,

It was a Saturday, the kids wanted to go to the beach, the wife wanted to go shopping and I just wanted to go. What a stoke of luck then that Carl, who was over from England, wanted to go too. So, we geared up and off we went tootling through the local woods until we came to the reservoir at Gombe,

Kasaba, where I live (near Kas, Antalya) is on the Turqoise Coast of Turkey some thirty miles South of Gombe. The area around Gombe is known as a Yayla or summer retreat. When the devil is stoking the fires on the coast the wise move up to the higher and cooler pastures of the Yaylas. From here we followed a track just to the left of the big hill in the middle of the picture which lead up to a valley,

This was our first decent ride out together on the Yamaha XT660R,s which, though heavy, coped admirably with the terrain. We followed the track upwards where the air cooled down and the views got better,

Though you are allowed more or less unlimited access to the fire roads and forest tracks around here the authorities have the annoying habit of closing and locking barriers occasionally. To save backtracking it is often necessary to improvise!

In all we covered 150km in 6 hours, encountered temperatures from 20 deg C to 40 deg C, and still got back in time to prevent divorce proceedings.


Thanks for introducing yourself. hop you have nice future in Turkey now

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