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Originally Posted by moe.ron View Post
Thanks for the tip on the Kenda's.

I am going to attempt some super light off road on the crappy stock tires first. mostly because I cant bring myself to replace brand new tires. Cant imagine they will last longer than 5K miles anyway.

And crash bars will be installed prior to any of this!

Well, near as I can tell you have a new 800gs, is that right? I couldn't tell from your profile either, so wasn't even sure what kind of bike we were talking about.

For dirt going, having the rear sliding around is one thing, but having the front washout is no fun. Put something on for better grip and you don't have to crash.

If your bike is new consider just buying an extra set of tires you can spoon on when you need them, save the road tires for a big road trip. That's what I did with my Tiger 800. I keep both sets marked with notes for balance so I can mount them back up true. Takes about 45 minutes to change them out.

A K60 rear works really good with a knobby front for DV. Just a thought.

If you have a K60 on the back it works for road and dirt. Then you can just change out the front which is super easy. For dirt, all of the fronts work pretty well, from MT21, 606, 908, TKC, BB, Scorp Rally, even the TKC. I've been wanting to try a T63 for the longest time. Everybody seems to have their favorite flavor.

EDIT: Jimmy beat me to it...

+1 on the Trackmasters. Great dirt tire.
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