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Originally Posted by bmwloco View Post
Gosh, I must be stupid. To my eyes the K 1 was a styling exercise that failed. If you are 6'5" fine. I would take a K1100 over a K1 any day. Better ergonomics for my 5'10" frame. Perfect for my R100RS too.

I don't think anyone paid retail for a K1. About 20 other more desirable and collectible bikes come to mind.

Whatever blows up your skirt.... Hell, some folks collect Vegas.
That's better.

You're nearly there. Just the point about it being a "styling exercise" to correct:

It was an exercise in aerodynamics not styling. The form follows the function, not the other way around. It was conducted because BMW were sticking to the voluntary 100bhp limit and the only way to increase performance was to lower the effects of wind resistance.

The K1 certainly isn't fault free but neither the faults nor the subjective views of people who don't like them will affect their desirability or their value.

Here's a gratuitous photo of mine:

I trust it won't make you throw-up (too much).
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