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He was a cop am sure. I was in Ensenda on my ninja for a 3 day weekend. We decided to head towards La bufordora. On the way there I had to stop for gas. While my bike was being fueled a guy walked to me and asked me about my bike. After about 30 seconds he pulled out a gun and ask me for the bike at gun point. My friend was inside getting a few sodas while this was happening. He seen what was going on so he ran up to the guy from behind and cracked him on the side of the face with a coke bottle. He reached for his face dropping the gun. We spent the next 3 to 5 minutes giving the guy a world class beating. We only stopped because we were tired. We held him at gun point till the cops showed up. As soon as the cop arrived I threw away the guy so they can see me doing it. After cuffing the guy and searching his pockets they found a badge. They were pissed and wanted to know what the fu@k was going on. The gas attendant told him what he seen and showed them the a video tap of what has happened. One cop wanted to arrest us for the beating we gave the another wanted to let us go. After 30 minutes when a sgt showed and heard the story he told us to leave Mex. As far as I know nothing happened to the cop legally. But damn did he get a Rodney King type beating that day.
Holy Jeepers! Maybe this is why my Momma never let me go to Mexico. Such things really happen?? The hair on my neck is still standing.
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