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Yeah, I am starting to wonder how long its been wobbling around in there. Another problem I have had is a variable idle. Sometimes one speed, sometimes other. If the screw moved in and out at times I am guessing it could change the amount of air getting past the butteryfly and thereby the idle speed. I actually hosed that carb several times with ether trying to find a leak, but never got a result. Its been driving me so crazy that I have considered replacing the carbs all together. Im not real sure how I never noticed the screw being loose. Had the carbs out and apart half a dozen times.

At this time I am going to leave it. The only time this would have any effect would would be full wide open throttle and then that side would have a bit "less" flow. For my purposes its running great! Nice low smooth idle. Have never been able to get it to idle decent at anything below 1400 rpms and usually had an idle to off idle miss that was unhappy and rough.
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