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I have been putting off posting this because, well, I still have to change some pieces I am not happy with the right side tube and it needs to be raised about an inch where it snakes around the left side tube. But you get my fails along with my successes so here it is.

I was getting to the point in his project where I needed to drop some cash (that I did not have BTW) because I started pricing DOM tubing and just could not pry it out of my wallet.

I saw these in the far back reaches of my shop and they had been taking up room forever. I tried to Craigslist them for 50.00 each but there was not even one response, Both were 1 5/8 tubes 1 set was new for small block chevy truck and the other set was used but still in excellent shape for a 2nd gen 455 Pontiac F-body. All those sexy mandrel bends....

All those seck-say mandrel bends in a pile I could pick from

I cut off the factory pipes 2 inches in front of the nuts and started on the left side first. I routed it to the right side and left room to get the oil filter out.

I then took the right side pipe and curled it around the left ( here is the spot I am not happy with)

At this point the pipes are within 1/2 inch of each other 26.5 and 27 inches

Now I start adding on, raising the level as I plan to go under the transmission

Now that I am at the "bend in the road" so to speak I get input from my supervisor who confirms my doubts about the right side pipe being too low and not looking just right. However in the spirit of creative influence he says to continue and I can fix the pipe later

Now I have to go under the trans and the ultimate goal is to exit under the tail with no mufflers. Would you believe me if I said "loud pipe save lives", I thought not. I cannot even believe I typed that lame ass screaming eagle horse shit. I dont want mufflers because it will efff with the look and flow of the bike. I will lose some ( a lot) of low end but I am not building this for the Iron-Butt or Paris to Dakar.

Not only do I have to make a 90 degree bend but I have to megre 2 into 1 to balance the system but I also want to have the look of dual pipes. So I start by building a 2 into 2 "X" pipe with a small choked area about 2 1/8 inches ID

gotta have a merge collector and I had four laying about I cut from the headers. So I put them in the band saw

I got 2 90's and expanded the ends so I could use band clamps to seal them and tacked them into the merge I also used a piece of 2 inch stainless as a form so the outlet would be round

The finished product looking very merge-y

It goes under the transmission or it gets the hose again

now it has to go up the other side under the linkage I built to exit under the tail to be continued.....
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