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Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post

I've been called an arrogant asshole, a festering cockmonster, and a diseased taintstick. But never a "tough guy". I'll take it under advisement, and thanks for the heads-up.

Seriously, in the end, I just want people to get good, accurate information. Lots of new people come here for advice on what bike to buy....I was that guy 4 years ago after being out of the offroad game for 20 years.

I read the posts and made a really bad decision on my first bike as a result.

People need to know the truth. The KLR is a decent bike, but because it "looks" like a dirt bike, people think they are are going to fly over whoops and launch table tops with it.

They need to know that it's a big, heavy pig of a bike that does nothing particularly well. It can be ridden anywhere, yes. Is it reliable? Sure. Is it more reliable that most big singles? No, I don't believe so. Especially 08+. The earlier years were better bikes.

It's cheap to own, cheap to buy, and you pay for that cheapness on the trail and at the end of the day.

So thus, education is my goal.

No, the bike was rarin to go, my old, out of shape ass was DONE after 30 miles. (but we did 100 the day prior of KNARLY trails)

So we limped back to camp and "roughed it".
I know what you meant, I was havin some fun. Ha ha. Taintstick. I have to remember that one for future reference.

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