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Originally Posted by rocker59 View Post
All a V7C needs to be an NTX is a set of forks and shocks, a set of wheels and tires, and some swoopy Stelvio-looking bodywork by Miguel Galluzzi.

That is true. I ride my V7c to places where there are usually a few roads torn apart for reconstruction, gravel roads, or fire paths. Sometimes the road literally ends and the GPS and local maps say "hey, we thought that was a paved road, the town it leads to is abandoned, nobody's been around here for decades "

And the V7c rides effortlessly in those cases. The handling is great, and I have no off road driving experience whatsoever. It's light and torquey. My 15 liter gas tank takes me 300kms (190 miles) and the new metal one holding 5.8 US Gallons should give a range of over 260 miles.

I thought the market wasn't ready for a dual purpose bike with 750cc and "only" 50CV, but Honda proved me wrong with their NC700X, and I am happy with that.

Give people the chance to buy the bike with ABS and to be honest Guzzi's got it pretty easy with the current V7c and the old NTX650 mixture. Let them delay the release of the V7 Scrambler version and go for the new V7 NTX

Here's my V7c in trail setting mode:
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