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Originally Posted by pyoungbl View Post
Interesting. I just checked the specs and the NTX 750 weighed 407 lbs according to the factory. I'm sure that was with no fuel. At any rate, that seems like a great start for a new 750 NTX. The '89 model cranked out 52 hp. It also had 59 Nm or torque at 4700 rpm. All in all a very good combination...24 years ago. Maybe it is possible to re-create that earlier NTX at a competitive price point. Ah, the possibilities. I'd be a willing customer and gladly sell my thumper for a smooth twin.
Let me offer this for comparison -- the '12 Suzuki 650-ABS Adventurer is listed on their website as 472# Curb Weight, which I assume is reasonably full of fuel. It has mounted aluminum rear cases like the NTX and small side crash bars, but other than that, it looks like a pretty basic, chain-driven model. Add a decent engine protection system/skid plate (20#), a center stand (20#), some sort of rear top case and suitable mounting arrangement (20#), some added weight for the shaft-drive as compared to the chain (??#), a couple other minor accessories and you're looking at 550# or so.

Are these numbers realistic? My '09 Wee-ABS set up for long distance touring, full of fuel, with the accessories listed above, and with my normal tool kit/emergency repair items under the seat, weighed just north of 570# prior to my '11 trip to Montana. With me on it (200# in my riding gear), fully packed for the trip (I normally carry 80-100# of personal and camping gear), and just fueled, it totaled out at 875# on the DOT scale in Butte, MT.

My point, depending on how these AdvTouring bikes are set up, they can get pretty heavy, pretty fast. Looking at typical marketing numbers, might be a bit misleading. Additionally, if the owner expects to ride them fully loaded and off-road, they can be a real hand full. I have no expectations of every using my NTX for anything other than road touring. At 615# Wet Weight, I'm well over 900# when I'm loaded and rolling down the road.

Ride safe.
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