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Originally Posted by Kaw4Life View Post
Call me old school, call me an asshole but I do not know why anyone would go with this option.
I'm inclined to agree. On a litre sportsbike? ABS, TCS and whatever electrickery you can stick on there to help me go faster, I'll buy. Sidestand sensor to stop me riding away with it down? Great!

On something that gets smashed into rocks and dropped in rivers? The less electronics the better, please. I have ridden F800GSes with ABS, with the ABS disabled and without ABS. I would choose the latter every time unless it was going to be used as a road bike. The fact that BMW's own Offroad school hobbles the ABS as part of "setting the bikes up" for the season is pretty telling. Yes, there might be a button/process to turn it off temporarily, but when it "fails safe*" and turns itself back on after you stop for lunch, sooner or later, you will forget to disable it. Just hope that it only manifests itself as 'weird braking' on the flat as opposed to you crashing down a steep descent.

*safe meaning "what a road rider would want, because that's how most of these bikes get used".

RE: ESA; I was looking at a GSA 2012 as a new bike a while back. I liked ESA, but was put off by the cost it'd pose to replace when the suspension is worn out after 40K miles.
I like my bike because I can overtake 4x4s down farm tracks with a week's worth of shopping on the back.
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