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Originally Posted by benthic View Post
Harmonizer! Renner has one, and I've benefited from it several times... I haven't convinced myself to get my own yet.

If Woody's allays my fears, I think Renner and I are going to mount the tires up tomorrow...

If you need convincing, go to the end of the Harmonizer thread and read the Angst whan the Harmonizer was unavailable for a while.

Good move on the tires. I was going to suggest extreme caution. As an aside, I've found that real live Ru-Glide tire (rubber) lubricant makes the tire bead slip on so much easier. For years I had used dishwashing detergent in water, but the real-deal is so much better.

On my own project, I got that bigger 6-1/2 gallon tank re-lined and installed. While the fairiing and everything is off, I'm making a new wiring subharness for the Powerlet connector to power the new heated jacket liner.

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