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Originally Posted by gsweave View Post
Congrats Jeff,

You are elected for 2014

Thanking you in advance, I love it when good people step-up (errr) step-in it


Although I am a Tyrant, I'm not qualified. You see I'm more of a sidekick when it comes to planning and executing. Think of me as an idea [bad] man and scout.

Lemme give you a sceanerio...

GSWeave...."Hey Jeff, can you go check out that campground near Parsons for me?"

Me...... "Sure, I'll report back on Monday"

See how that works.

Now that Mark-O feller, He's you man. He is a born Organ.....izer. I officially cast my nomination ballot w/no hanging chads for him.

He makes a considerable effort to connect to the ADV community, and a born socialite.

Nice try though.
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