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Eh? Why are dual sports getting continually heavier?

In my latest cycle mag, they did a review on the Honda crf-250l, along with the Husky Terra 650. The 250 weighed over 320lbs wet, the Terra 408 wet (claimed), Our 650L's weigh 346 wet, and with some simple lightening mods I've gotten mine down another 20 or so lbs...which puts it VERY close to the 250. Even the KTM's have put weight on over the years It seems like most all the big-bore dual sport thumpers are making a mad dash for the 400+lb range and beyond......
That really seems to be the opposite of what alot of us would like out of a street-legal dirt bike.
Are the manufacturers missing the customers needs in this area, or are us guys who'd like a dirt bike that is actually light enough to be fun in the dirt the minority anymore?

Its sad when the 250 class is now weighing close to a slightly lightened XR650L, and substantially more than a dual-sported XR650R

I'm not suprised there's so many guys riding crf-230l's, xt225's, tw200's etc, with the way the 250 and big-bore dual-sports are packing on the a weight-watcher who's fallen off the wagon
I guess big bore torque/hp and light weight don't play well together anymore .....and its starting to seem the same can be said about the 250 class as well

I can't wait to see what kind of heavyweight Honda replaces the xrl with........if the crf-250L is any indication, its going to be a real porker..........

With this type of trend developing, I think I'll just lighten up my xrl some more, put on some USD forks, and let CW do his mega-motor magic on my motor when its rebuild time
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