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Greg Mumm, the executive director of Blue Ribbon Coalition visited with us for over two hours last night. Good stuff with lots of input from the guests and honest answers from Greg.

Here is one way to reach him:

It would be best if you are a BRC member if you are asking for his help. the Tide Tour 2012

BRC is very aware of the Canyonlands deal and is hearing about it all over the country. He knew how the businesses were basically lied to when the pertition was going around that they signed. He said that already five of them are backing down (Red Wing was mentioned). He also stated that certainly a letter or phone call to the companies needs to happen from every member!!

He thinks it is a publicity stunt by the Sierra Club and that Obama has bigger things going on and has not even heard of this. But........guys like Salazar who do have Obamas ear might try to run with this. So that is where the letters and focus need to be at the national level. I asked him what BRC was doing at the Moab/Hanksville/Green River level and he didn't seem to indicate that they were doing much at that level but said that all OHV advocates should contact those people and even the county commisioners of all the possibly affected communities.

There were 4WD people, quad riders, and M/C people in the crowd and everyone was very tuned in to the problems. Some had solutions, some had ideas, and some were very pessimistic about what is going on everywhere.

Some states back east have completely banned OHV traffic on anything but roads so there is certainly a downside to what we are currently seeing in the west.

Greg said our best bet is to write letters, to join and donate to at least one local group, one state group and one national group. I think that is a good and reasonable approach and I will make it my effort to do these things.
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