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I did it with my monoshock R100RT and didn't regret it. I made it so I could revert it back fairly easy. I bought another headlight bracket (they're plentiful and cheap on Ebay) and hacked off the antlers. I was careful not to hack into the wiring harness. I couldn't put the ignition switch on the left side of the headlight like earlier models so I ran it up thru the steering stem and into the handlebar pad. I got another rear blinker bracket (also plentiful and cheap) and mounted it to the frame with some sort of clamps. It didn't look real good, but it was a zippy little bike.

I have a fully faired bike (R1200CL) for when it's cold, but unfaired bikes are great for hot weather. I no longer own either of the bikes in the picture. I don't get real attached to them. I still have the seat, a Corbin seat I ordered with black welts and an extra inch of padding with hinges and lock pin available for purchase for $200. It will also fit a /6 or /7 but won't look as good.
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