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Originally Posted by greer View Post

If either of you have a particular question, don't be afraid to ask. If you put it in the wrong forum the mods will move it for you. No sweat.

Is she comfortable on her DR? If need be, you can buy links to lower it more; I use these:

If she's still wary of the height and weight of the DR, don't fuss. Pick up an XT225 for her to spend a few months/miles on while she gets the hang of things.

Thanks for the link. It may well come in handy in the future. Further lowering has been discussed, but we decided to try it where it is now, approx 2.5" down from stock, before deciding about going lower. The weight is a funny issue... There are those who say it's too big and heavy of a bike, and that she should have gotten a Ninja 250. Then they make faces when she asks them why they think a heavier bike would be better.

The option of getting one of a 200-250cc class bike, and having us cut our teeth on that, then selling it and getting the DR's was discussed, but ultimately decided against. Especially by the mother of the 15yr old we were going to sell it to! Though there were other reasons as well.

Oh, and Murf? Would you expect anything less from a new member of a commuity such as this?

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