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The Rex

My Grandpa Tony, thick Czech accent and wide Slavic smile, set bouncing beside me on the way to Vale. Forbidden Planet was Playing at the REX. My first trip to the movies. I was five or six.

Scared the shit out of me. Huge room of chattering strangers-- then the lights go out. Then a freaking invisible monster's footprints advance until bang, outlined by the electrics of a force field, standing 12 feet tall right there in front of me... I was screaming, headed for the doors when Toni caught me, pulled me back.

Malheur Butte Dominates the valley and was a vantage point for Indians watching for travelers on the Oregon Trail.

This is an ancient volcano, 10 x older than the vents and cinder cones common to this area. It was preserved under the silt of Lake Idaho then re-exposed as river cuts meandered the valley. The magma that last pushed toward vent dried slow and hard in the little volcano's gullet.

Water from the Owyhee Lake main canal flows down across the valley to more highland ditch that greens the Snake's valley to the north.
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