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This doesnt look to be Doohickey related.
When they refer to balancer I think they mean the Decompression mechanism on the back of the exhaust cam which cracks the exhaust valve momentarily to reduce compression and aid in cranking the motor on start up.
It sounds like they are figuring it grenaded and caused the damage,but it is possible the scenario started by the cam cap bolts being loose and allowing the back of the cam to raise up (because the front of the cam has a timing chain pulling down on it)and kiss the valve cover.
Because if the decompression broke first I dont think the cam caps are going to be affected the way the pictures show.
I would like to know how many miles are on the bike and if those cam cap bolts have ever been removed for a service.

I wonder if someone has recently worked on this bike and forgot to tighten them,or if they just worked loose.

I had a similar thing happen on a drz400.The cam caps had loosened up and wiped out my cam and journals.That bike did not have a decompression on the end of the cam though because it was kick start only and had a different decompression set up,so it only wiped out the cam and journals but still the head was junk.
I had just got the bike and I suspect the last person to adjust the valves had probably forgot to tighten them.
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