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Originally Posted by Hesaid View Post
There's just too much. Where does one start? 4800 page threads?

It's easy, just start reading the DR thread with today's posts, then just keep up daily. The bike is only 87-1/2" long, we cover the same questions and answers over and over and over and............etc. But we love the bike and are glad to help.

Originally Posted by greer View Post

If either of you have a particular question, don't be afraid to ask.

Originally Posted by greer View Post
Is she comfortable on her DR? If need be, you can buy links to lower it more; I use these:

I tried my lower gel seat and although I don't care for the seat, the lower height is 'safer' at stops etc. Since I have a Cogent shock, I no longer have the lowering option (single hole in the lower shock mount), so I just ordered a pair of the 1" links. So, thanks again for the link, cause I lost the one you posted recently.

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"BTW, I don't do style. It's a dirt bike, not some girlie dress-up thing." -
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