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Originally Posted by def View Post
Just a small excerpt from my 2001 BMW REPROM;

Install cylinder head cover.
e Caution:
Make sure that gaskets are correctly seated. Gaskets
and sealing faces must be free from oil and
X Tightening torque:
Cover screw............................................. ...... 9 Nm

I snug these fasteners by hand using a screwdriver handle. No torque wrench.

Am I sure about these torque values?

You be the judge.


My Haynes covers all 1100 and 1150 models and says 8Nm.
My cd from BMW doesn't cover the1150(just the 1100GS) but also says 8Nm for that model.
I wonder if they changed the spec for 1150s and Haynes got it wrong???

Whenever I see a member quote a torque spec not strong in my memory, I look it up if I have time.
Nobody here wants to help someone hurt their bike.
Just good practice IMHO.
No harm, no foul.
So far, everything that has surprised me has been completely unexpected.

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