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Originally Posted by WindSailor View Post
The newer Morimoto's only draw 6 amps on start up. These cost more than the 'overseas' options. I called "The Retrofit Source" and they couldn't give a money back guarantee because they weren't designed specifically for the GS. So I don't know if they will work without any issues, or without a relay.

I see this is a few months old but I thought I would chime in with my findings. I'm running the newer Morimoto's from the Retrofit Source now (35w low and 55 high) and have been very happy with the set up. I was running the 1off hids, and dont want to offend anyone who thinks those were great but I was never happy with the output of mine from day one. I contacted 1off a few times about the piss poor performance of them, but they kind of just blew me off. (It was close to the time they were folding up). I am running Retrofits can-bus harness on both the low and the high beam just because that's what the kit came with and have not had one Lamp-f error even when riding the few 20 deg days we have had so far this winter. The Morimoto set up was more money, but the lack of problems more than makes up for the added expense for me. The bulbs from the Retrofit Source appear very high quality compared to the ones from 1off. All metal and ceramic base compared to the plastic and rubber base of the 1off bulbs. Am pleased enough that I ordered the H11 kit today to soup up my GSA stock fog lamps.

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