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Originally Posted by MissFenderFine
Thanks, Murgatroid! I appeciate your vote of confidence! I sat on some dual sports but didn't feel comfortable with having to touch the ground with my tippie toes only!
YEEPS! As an equally short-inseamed lady I agree, reinforce, and applaud your discomfort!

NEVER get a bike you can't get enough foot on the gorund to control. You will SO regret it some day!

That said, just in case you don't know it, a lot of bikes CAN be lowered. My baby was lowered by a short shock, forks dropped as far as could be, and a different seat type. (Make sure the side stand is also changed or your bike may have a tendency to drop over in windy conditions; and see if the center stand can be changed too. Mine wasn't, and I had a H###ck of a time learning how to get it up to center at first. Some will scrape the center stand on the ground at times if not changed too, I hear, anyway, other folks here have more experience on the ins and outs of the procedure.)
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