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Originally Posted by teizms View Post
what is the recommendation for a 2005 R1200GS. 90% of the riding for this particular bike is with pillion and luggage. Combined weight of the two humans is roughly 290 pounds. The standard height is a bit tall and i would really like it to be a bit lower.
What does the installion usually run?
Why chose this over Wilburs?

Sorry about the basic questions but i am not mechanically gifted.
Ohlins has a number of shocks for the R1200GS.

In a short shock, which will be about the same or a little lower than your stocker Ohlins Offers the BM508 and BM509.

I am not sure what the installation will run, as it will depend on what accessaries you have on the bike and what the shop hourly rate is.
Please check with whoever you plan to use to install them on that.

I believe Ohlins does these things better than any Motorcycle shock manufacture:



Resell Value

Ride Quality

Bike control
Build Quality

Ohlins has a number of advantages over all the other aftermarket shocks.

The first is support, Ohlins USA is the Distributor of Ohlins shocks in the USA and are owned by Ohlins Sweden.

This requires them to keep a large support staff and a very large inventory of spare parts.
So as the years go by there will always be parts and people who can service Ohlins shocks.

Ohlins has a number of shops like ours that can also do service and in our case warranty repairs if needed.

I work on maybe 1 or 2 Warranty problems a year. I sell more than 2000 Ohlins products a year.

The Warranty is 5 years on DEFECTS of parts or labor. This does not cover normal maintenance.

Ohlins is the largest producer of Aftermarket Motorcycle shocks.
Ohlins shocks are used all over the world at every level, including racing at the highest level.

This gives the 80 Ohlins Engineers first hand experiance in designing a reliable shock.
It means shocks are not just designed on a shock dyno, they are installed on bikes and tested by Ohlins Riders that include former racers.

Ohlins has an internet site called the Ohlins World Site, it lists all Ohlins Products made over the last 30 plus years.
I can look at spec sheets, Installation manuals, spare parts lists drawings, for everything Ohlins has ever made, this is a huge assist when Customers have Questions.
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