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Great RR!

A friend pointed me to this RR. Sure has been entertaining, and an eye opener too. If you guys do intend to tour the "stan" states, strongly suggest staying out of Afghanistan. I spent a little time there - while there are many fantastic Muslim folks doing their very best to better their lives there, and if not welcome, at least tolerate westerners, there are also not a few who'd rather see (very) bad things happen to westerners, and Americans in particular. Western Pakistan is just as risky/dangerous IMO... The middle east region seems like such a powder keg right now (understatement?), with unrest and stuff happening all over the place; probably best to avoid the predominantly Muslim regions altogether until things cool down. Too bad, they have an interesting culture and there's so much to see.

Thnx for taking the time to put your RR together.
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