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The second new product for the R1200GS and R1200GS Adv are the TTX design shocks the BM676/ BM677 for the R1200GS and the BM678/BM679 for the R1200GS Adv

I would like to explain a little about TTX type shocks.

Ohlins introduced these to us in 2007.

The are a completely different design them all prior Ohlins shock.

They use a solid piston to move oil to two remote valves with shim stacks.

One is the Rebound circuit and the other is the Compression circuit.

By using a solid piston to two separate valve it solves a number of problems conventional shocks have

First the two circuits, rebound and compression are completely separate, so when one is adjusted the other is NOT affected.

Second the design reduces the possibility of cavitation, this allows Ohlins to reduce the Gas Pressure inside the shock from as high as 20 bar (294 PSI) to 6 Bar (88PSI) .

What this means is lower pressure inside the shock.

Lower pressure trying to push out shock oil, this makes the job of the seals easier, Lower friction, and most important a more reliable shock.

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