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Originally Posted by Hesaid View Post
There's just too much. Where does one start? 4800 page threads?

I've been lurking around for a bit now, reading up on all sorts of things. I figured I ought to get around to making a first post. So here it is. I recently bought a "thumper", or rather two of them. DR650's. The bikes started identically, in fact, their VIN's are only 8 digits apart. Mine is still completely stock, while hers has had the "seat height" lowered by the Suzuki dealer, (That was an ordeal all its own, as the dealer was unaware that it was possible, and confused by the fact that Suzuki considers a suspension rebuild as a seat height adjustment...) and the Suzuki gel seat installed. Hers is now noticeably lower.

Since both of our respective motorcycle experience consists of little and long ago, we're starting out slowly and won't be on the open road for quite some time (I'll let her field questions as to the details of how/why that is). We're mainly gathering gear and knowledge at this point, with occasional daydreams fueled by some of the posts and pictures. I look forward to continued reading, and hopefully we'll be able to add some info at some point in the future.

A lot of the 250 streetbikes aren't really going to be much lighter than a DR650SE. The DR tends to take falls WAY better too, especially once armored with a skid, case armor, and real handguards. I dump mine on many weekends of riding dirt, and even once cart-wheeled it through a ditch at 50MPH. It bent the handlebars, but those were easy enough to replace for $20. Busted a rear turn signal once too, but that was easily replaced in a few minutes. The DR IS a bit heavy as a dirtybike, but it carries it's weight decently if you're more into exploring offroad than flying offroad. I had ridden streetbikes before, but had limited dirtybike experience before getting the DR as my first dualsport. If you take your time and ride with a partner willing to help pick it up, it's fine for most terrain you'd want to attempt with any other street-legal bike.

If you want to lower a DR, the obvious way is the factory lowering. You can also install a lower seat. Both of these you've already done. Another way to get it lower is swapping lowering links into the rear and sliding the front forks up in the clamps. Then the suspension can be raised back up once she gets more comfortable on it. An adjustable kickstand can help with this, if you're not up for cutting and welding. Shaving some up-high weight can make the DR easier to handle too, and some of the lightening mods can double as upgrades as well (better mirrors, bars, tank, muffler, lights, etc.).

A nice thing about the DR is it's versatility. The bike has been mostly unchanged for so long that there are parts and upgrades all over for them. Keep reading this forum, the DR650 wiki page, and sites like to set your DRs up the way you want and to find good riding/riders to enjoy your bikes with.

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