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Originally Posted by Chad M View Post
The shaft I have is in good shape. Forks are okay...


If it sounds like something you could use, hit me up with a trade, I really would love me some peanut valve covers!
That's hilarious. Literally 5 minutes ago, I just paypaled another ADVrider payment for some peanut valve covers. I did some more calling around today for the shaft. MGcycle wanted about $100 for a new one that would have to get sent from Italy. Moto Guzzi Classics wanted $80 for a used one. Being that you want to trade it for a set of valve covers, you seem to think it's worth more than I do. My forks are fine, so I won't need them. McMaster-Carr wants $13 plus shipping for one foot of W1 tool steel in the correct diameter. I'd give you $25 plus shipping for it, otherwise, I'm going tool steel. Anything else you might want to trade for? That said, I've thinned the collection as of late, so there may not be anything. I do have a nice set of /7 valve covers, but I bet you do too. Otherwise most of my stuff is /5, 850T3, and RD350. Thanks for looking into it for me. Let me know.
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