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Originally Posted by AlxT View Post
Hi all,

First post here, not even a noob yet so please be patient with me.

I am in the process of changing from almost 8 years in gsxrs to a used Adventure 990 2011 as i recently found myself settling in a place with lots of dirt and the street bikes are no fun around here. If the other guy doesnt get cold feet i should have the ktm by the end of next week.

Thing is that i have not a single clue from dirt bikes or KTMs whatsoever and also its my first time getting a used bike. So, I am in desperate need for some input on what to check before getting the Adv, what are its major weaknesses? After lots and lots of reading around here probably the gas pump tops the list but there should be other thins too, right?

Thanks in advance for any input :)


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There are some components that need to be either upgraded or replaced preventatively. (Water pump, gas pump, clutch slave cylinder, ... )

Like other said, you'll find all the needed info here and on

Other than that, to really enjoy the beast, I would recommend an off road training.

I've taken a one training with and enduro/motocross teacher and it really helped me to improve my riding off road much faster than I could have done it myself.

There are aparently some good DVD's that can be bought (Dual sport riding techniques I think) but I did not try those.
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