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Originally Posted by ruppster View Post
Well, I've been thinking up a ride for invisible monster and I Sunday, got the rough-in planned. It's rained a lot down here the past several days so a few places will be inaccessible. I know other roads.
Which let me to thinking about the condition of my rear tire...
What are y'all running on the back of your WRR? (Since there's about 2 dozen of 'em in this thread) I have a worn Michelin T63 on there now, have no complaints about it, but haven't been on any mud. The guy I bought the bike from gave me some type of trials tire that looked like it would suck in mud, but feels pretty soft and the stock Trailwings (or whatever they are). I have 244s on the KLR & they seem OK. Do the T63s work well in all conditions? If so I may just pick up a new one.
I have always used the Kenda Trackmaster II and several other WRRs on here run them too. Good on pretty much everything.

This most recent tire change I thought I'd try a different tire, just for shits and giggles. I ended up with the Pirelli MT21, which was a substitute for the backordered T63.

I found the MT21 to suck my balls in the Michigan sand. I disliked them immensely. Even on gravel, they felt really squirrily.

I'm still running them, only to kill them, but I'll be sticking with the Trackmasters henceforth.
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