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I would go for the Tenere. My friend's KLR is the least the reliable bike in the world. It died on us after it drank all it's own oil. He had checked it before we left, but it ate it all during the course of one or two tanks of fuel at high rpms, (guess he didn't think it was possible for it to drink it all that quick). Left him stranded in the middle of nowhere with no cell signal. I had to go to find an area to call the AMA to find us a tow using the Versys.

It was still under warranty, and they agreed to cover it. It took 2 months to get repaired. We got it back, they left a screw on the piston. Started it up, and it was fucked again. Took it to another Kawi dealership. It was covered under warranty, took another 2 months to get repaired. Was out of warranty by the end of it, so they extended it a bit.

Lemon bike, crappy dealer service, Kawi corporate was 'okay'. Your mileage will of course vary. I recommend that people try something else, perhaps more modern if possible, everytime now. I, of course, had no such problems with my Versys, other than shitty non-dealer service, but I was always yearning for more power.

It was a toss up for me between the Super Tenere and the GSA. I went for the GSA because I could always sell it and get a Yamaha if I hated it (I don't).

I think that once you get to the liter bike range, you are trading a lot of the offroad capability (not that the KLR has much), for power. The GSA feels like it has unlimited power off the line, you can even power wheelie it despite it's weight, it's great. My friend tell me the Tenere is much the same.

I don't particularly trust the Triumphs, just because of ignorance about the current state of British Engineering. I don't know if they've improved over the years or not. It's just me, never seen a reason not to get behind Triumph though.
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