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Now it is time to make the exhaust come out from under the trans and up the other side under the seat. So I have to make a ( kinda sorta) mirror image of the merge clloector i just built.

I selected two 90s from the pile and spaced them apart just a little so i could expand them and slip a ban clamp between them.

The flat plate my ground clamp is on, is tacked to both pipes to prevent movement i will cut it out when i am done building the merge

Here is that same piece of stainless pipe I am using as a form to keep the inlet round

Once i finished this half i welded both halves together to make this monstrosity

And here it is in place the shift linkage clears it although I mish put a heat shield on the trans side and one on the leg side (something with lightening holes I think)

Right now this is where I am at with the project I will continue to update as I build stuff.
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