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so a short installment in the morning

we arrived at the castle and found our preferred tent space unoccupied, set up tent and rested a bit

our tent was behind the low wall on the right

this castle on the River Main is situated about 80 ks south-south-east of Frankfurt, in some very hilly country, the Spessart forest.

There is one distinct feature : you can not drive up with a bus, and so tourists don't come in numbers.
In a more touristy place we would very likely not be able to hold the meeting - riding in to the court yard of a medieval fortress-where can you still do that in Europe ?

I don't mention the name any more on purpose, the place has gotten small as it is.
There is an Inn-keeper, with which we have our arrangement, and the mayor doesn't mind the tourists.
Authorities higher up need not get involved.

time to go to work; next installment will be about people and cooking; likely bikes, too

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