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Originally Posted by greer View Post

If either of you have a particular question, don't be afraid to ask. If you put it in the wrong forum the mods will move it for you. No sweat.

Is she comfortable on her DR? If need be, you can buy links to lower it more; I use these:

If she's still wary of the height and weight of the DR, don't fuss. Pick up an XT225 for her to spend a few months/miles on while she gets the hang of things.

Originally Posted by Shesaid View Post
No. She is NOT comfortable on her DR!
Oh, crap, this could end poorly. I love women riders, my Sister is a retired firefighter. She rides dirt very well and kicks my butt with her Ducati on pavement. She also had a lowered DR650. Although she rode it well, it still weighed 366 pounds ready to ride.

Originally Posted by Shesaid View Post
I would very much like it 1 to 2 inches lower still. I actually don't think the gel seat is quite as comfy as the stock seat was, but the lower height wins out. I still can't get my feet flat on the ground when the bike (and I) are on level ground, and that's something I really want to be able to do.
I'm retired, so my physical strength is nothing like when I raced. I have a 30" inseam, when my DR starts to tip, it's going down, whether I like it or not. As said, they weigh 366 pounds ready to ride, before adding my riding gear, 17 pound tailbag and tools (weight unknown).

Originally Posted by Shesaid View Post
Hi everybody! I am Matt's (aka Hesaid's) other half, and the rider of the second (lower) DR in the household.
Hi, Mrs. Said, welcome to the site.

Originally Posted by Shesaid View Post
Unfortunately, despite all our best efforts to start out and stay safe, sane, mature and responsible while cutting our teeth and getting the hang of riding-- the almost very first thing I did was "shatter" (Dr.'s words) my left wrist in a sloppy dismount after losing balance and realizing the bike was going over whether I stayed on it or not.
Yep, bin der, dun dat. (broke my leg twice)

Originally Posted by Shesaid View Post
And so all those people who were utterly disgusted at us for getting motorcycles for various reasons have had a chance to "tsk tsk" at us and point at my fancy new scar from the ORIF surgery as if that proves them right. And I have the unfortunate luck to contribute to motorcycle statistics. Which is just pathetic because the bike was stalled at a dead stop when I did it. Shouldn't even have mentioned the bike... it was the tripping and falling down that did all the damage.
Injuries come from anywhere, for me, it's power tools. Don't put your hands out when you tip over, tuck your arm and roll over your shoulder. (yea, I know; easier said than done)

Originally Posted by Shesaid View Post
He promises not to go riding without me, so according to the orthopedist, we hope to be back on 2 wheels early in 2013. Which is good, because I'm looking forward to some back country roads to enjoy the fruit orchards in full bloom come mid-February.
Here's what I think . I agree with Sarah, get an XT-225 or 250. They have a low seat height (buying one for myself to ride SE Utah) and are good for newer riders. The new Hondas and KLXs are too tall for learning, the Kawasaki Sherpas are ok but harder to find.

Originally Posted by Shesaid View Post
Alrighty-- that is my introductory post, tieing me in with Hesaid so hopefully y'all will associate us with with eachother now.

BTW: Thank you, Sarah, for both the thought and the link!

I was having a grand time-- and not feeling too intimidated at all-- puttering around the parking lot in 1st gear before I hit that curb and broke my wrist. Really looking forward to getting just a little bit lower... and back on the bike.
I have no idea what your plans are, touring, day rides, overnighters, trips to the 7-11, etc. I've ridden 14,901 miles this summer; tomorrow I'm riding 99 miles (and it looks like it might rain ) . So what ya might ask? Tomorrow will put me at 15,000 miles this summer, day rides only. Highest mileage I've ever ridden in a year on a dirt/dual sport bike, by far. Ok, enough about me. If you're learning to ride, put ALL of your gear on HeSaid's bike. If that's too much weight for him, too bad; leave the hairdryer at home. Forget about camping, there's just too much bulk and weight involved for two riders. IMHO (in my humble opinion)

Here's what happend to another couple biting off more than she could handle. Reading about it online and actually doing it can be very different.

Please let us know what's up. There are ADVriders all across America and any one of them will grab a trailer and come get you, no matter where or when. I love this site.
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"BTW, I don't do style. It's a dirt bike, not some girlie dress-up thing." -
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