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Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
Here's a quick vid I threw together of Lockhart Basin, ...

The entrance near Chicken Corners (begining of the video) is the worst BEST! of this trail ...
Fixed your typo.
That looks like a perfect relief to fast dirt roads that do tend to get a bit boring after a few hours.

Also, RideFreak, at around 7:45 into your earlier Flint Trail video I think at that part of the road, the soil looks like that nasty grey clay that, when wet, turns into either greased ice or the stickiest-lock-up-your-tire-to-your-fork-tubes crap I have ever been stuck in. (well, in the West at least!) When you get off your bike and it just stands there and you can't even push it over if you tried because of the 100 pounds of concrete molded around each tire. I still have visions of how depressed I was on that trip but hey I was the only motorcycle with 2 guys in their old Land Cruiser -- so this time we are all in it together!

Just wonderin' if anyone else has had the pleasure of being stuck in this crap in the middle of nowhere besides me? So for me rain is always an issue on some of these trails. This is not the Rockies boyz and there ain't a lot you can do about it 'cept change elevation. Ever seen the maps there that have perfectly flat roads that are marked "impassable when wet"?? hehe... yeah. And you ride them and see the 2 foot deep ruts but it's dry and scorching hot and you wonder? yep that's the ones. Hope for a classic dry desert weekend!

One more note Senor Dubinky, when you said that high trail was bone dry last April... that was 2012 right? Well we can only HOPE it is a muddy mess like "normal" this year, I mean we DO need some damn SNOW around the firezone we call the Front Range, right?

ok whining off, we can adjust on the fly in the rare event it is stormy...

I'm psyched! This is the anticipation that will help me make it through the winter! THANKS!
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