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Originally Posted by igormortis View Post
I'm gonna presume that your motivations are aesthetic.

So... considering:

And considering that you'll need to oil these pods in order for them to filter properly...

Do you consider clean pants to be part of the look you're going for?

Not really, I simply would like to have less "going on" on top of the transmission - When I first bought the bike I cracked open the airbox to find this -

Critters were living in the airbox. I never did like the design of that airbox, especially with the tiny tornadic winglets in each intake that never line up correctly, the black plastic and the big chunky box of aluminum bottom.

If the pods hit my shins, it's not a matter of getting my pants dirty that would bug me, it would be knocking into the pods every time I move my legs.

I also wouldn't mind a bit more throat in the sound, not at all loud but just a bit growlier.
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