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Just a suggestion, Senor Dubinky, you might want to move this signup list to your first post and keep it updated there. That way we can all find it in the future more easily as this thing evolves over the next few months.

For the 2 camping groups (not the "blast to Blanding" group), another thought, do you want to maybe split it up into a "faster" and "not faster" groups? Might keep the peace better. Not saying the fast group won't stop as much, just might keep a faster pace.
Now figuring out what "fast" means is not simple, e.g. I'm on a bigger 650 with less clearance and medium knobbies, so I may think I want in the faster group but won't pace with a fast dirt bike over rocky obstacles. Just an idea, especially for those that know they want to go slower.

For me, I plan on starting and finishing in Moab and camping every night. (But a shower or an extra water source for a head dip at least, would be a welcome option every day or 2)...

Originally Posted by COXR650L View Post
Ok guys....

So we are filling up fast:

Ridefreaks groups is full. The ones I have down for ridding straight through to Blanding and getting a hotel are:
-Burgue Magoo

The ones I have down for camping in Ruin Park are:
-Spkenerd +1rider
-The Breeze

-Blake which group were you planning on ridding with on day one?

So I think that should all be correct in regards which ride each person was doing for night one.

Right now we have 18 riders and Ridefreaks group is full.

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