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Originally Posted by simtrax View Post
After an hour of highway riding last weekend i decided to do something about the damn original screen.

Only the thought of paying about 150-300 for a touring screen made me cry.

So i decided to try and mold my own screen. Here's the results.
Tried it out yesterday, worked like a charm. Such a big difference.
It costed me about 30 .

So how did i do it?
Cut out the thing from a piece of plexi, used the original screen as reference.
Then used my brothers R1200GSA screen as reference for the new form.
Then, 3 guys and one piece of plexiglas in the sauna, molding, warming and drinking beer.

Happy with the results, it aint perfect, but it'll do for me!
I am truly envious of your home baked barn door. much kudos. I would love to have one for my own.
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