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Originally Posted by FlyingFinn View Post

Ummm, where did the IICE Cool go?

According to your own posts there were supposed to be three products, Air, Cool and Smooth. In March 2012 you estimated that the IICE Cool would start shipping by the summer 2012.

Is the Smooth now ahead of Cool? Or did the Cool get abandoned?

Hey there Mikko.

All three products are still in the works. I'm sorry to insert the doubt as to which will be built first, the Cool or the Smooth. JJ and I discussed the topic more than a few times.

What happens is we'll hit upon some design aspect to make one or the other function better, or be easier to install, or some other good reason to change the order of which product goes first. For example, one of us will come up with something that is so good that it must be considered. Then we have to think about out how to implement it, or whether it's possible to achieve and still keep it an easy-to-install type of device. That's mostly how our development process goes.

I suppose when it comes right down to it, it sort of doesn't matter who's on first. What I mean is they can be installed in either order, and both do great things.


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